Sales is tough.
Executing deals shouldn't be. simplifies and accelerates deal execution.
Know what drives value
Run deals from one place
Focus on what matters
Adapt quickly to client needs
Sell on value everytime

What we do.

Simplify how sales teams execute.

Start every deal with what you need in one place and eliminate drowning in sales tech, process, data and more.

Empower sales with what works.

Give sales people the best chance at succeeding so they can dazzle each prospect and customer role at every step.

Deliver value that matters most.

Guide each prospect role down the right value tracks that engage with the right context, purpose and value.

How it works.

Connect your business.

Unite the right sales tools, processes and content and more into a central command center to give sales reps everything they need to win, in one place.

  • Connect tools like CRM, Enablement, Content and more
  • Streamline processes that add unnecessary busy work
  • Improve productivity while reducing time and costs

Define your playbook.

Rapidly create account, persona and situation based playbooks to outshine the competition.

  • Tailor account specific playbooks in just a few clicks
  • Focus each based on industry, products, role, and more
  • Capitalize on every touchpoint with role based experiences

Run your deal.

Arm sales reps with the right actions that gives them flexibility, reduces risk and eliminates threats so they can back into close dates with confidence.

  • Ensure deals remain on track by adapting to buyer signals
  • Engage prospects with relevant, value-based experiences
  • Eliminate laborious data entry into multiple sales tools

Solved with

You can now easily pivot to strategic sales conversations.

Use Dynamic Value Selling to change the conversation and stand out in functional and tactical competitive cycles.

You'll finally be able to run deals from a single place.

Craft Deal Playbooks for every single account with just a few clicks and start each deal with actions that move your deals forward.

You'll no longer have to enter the same data in every system.

Use to automatically updates each system with the missing elements of value as you execute your deals.

You'll finally be able to engage with tailored experiences.

Use Persona Based Journeys to provide a rich, tailored experience that creates advocates to help you win your deal.

You'll finally know which actions are valuable to customers.

Use Deal Value Tracking to see the impact of every single action and the value it contributes to closing a deal.

You'll know what actually moves the needle.

Use Deal Actions to deliver the right experience at the right time in the sales process.


We are on a mission to empower every sales team to get their number in the simplest, most efficient ways possible while keeping sales the creative, rewarding and exciting chase it was always meant to be.

    Outcome Focused.

    We focus on delivering sales outcomes that help businesses grow.

    Built with Purpose.

    Technology designed with the customers and sales people in mind.

    Growth at Scale.

    Experience scaling global teams with the right blend of technology.

    With past experiences at companies like Marketo, Verint, Domo, we realized that every sales person runs into the  same problem -- too much technology, process and data are robbing them of the one resource they cannot replace, time. Yet, sales people are expected to close deals as fast as possible. In today’s day and age, time is like gold for each sales person -- without it, deals don't happen.

    As sellers, practitioners and even customers in many deal cycles for over the last 15 years, we know that every deal, customer and sales person is unique and does not follow a linear process. That is why we have created to help sales teams harness each reps unique potential to deliver experiences that customers want and help the team crush their number.

    It is the answer to problems modern sales organizations seek to address which are rapid growth, improved deal velocity and to consistently close deals.., the Deal Execution Platform, helps salespeople hit their number.  

    John Merritt

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Jeff Stewart

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Deal Execution?

    Deal Execution is the art and science behind how every sales person turns territories into profitable and reliable revenue streams. It is the actions, content, technology, processes and data that create value at every step of the sales cycle that customers want to buy. Deal Execution is about providing consistent value to the customer while simplifying how sales people execute their deals, in on central place.

    How does it work with my tech stack?

    Deal Execution Technology connects with your existing tech stack to draw on the right value mix (people, process, data, technology, content, etc.) and uses AI to brings the right mix together at the right time, all from a single, intuitive user interface. That helps sales people start each account with a game plan with everything they need in one place., the Deal Execution Platform, takes the experiences and identifies the value customers want in each interaction and sends those insights back to the corresponding system. In plain english - know what works and what does not work, fast.

    What does it do for my deals?

    Imagine knowing exactly what value gets customers to buy? That is what, the Deal Execution Platform, steers the entire sales tech stack to focus on -- value customers want that gets you a sale. With, you will know exactly what helps your business deliver deals and how to repeat and scale it across your entire sales organization.

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