The best story wins.

Customers buy the experience that gets them to their promised land.
Zenn helps your sales team create the best experiences that get customers there.



Generated $15 Billion in revenue from only 30 movies just by telling the best story?

What if your sales people could tell the best story at every point in the sales cycle? Imagine the kind of differentiator that you'd bring to the table for your customers.

We can. Let us show you how to get there.
Find out how

How we help you tell the winning story.

Whether you are looking to up-level what you have, enhance your value or accelerate what you do today, our team adapts to your unique needs right where you are. We do this by harnessing:


Simplifying We simplify how your sales team delivers experiences through:

  • GTM Proposition, Message, Story
  • Playbooks & Sales Play Creation
  • ICP / Persona & Role Targeting
  • Prospect & Demand Cadences
  • Secret Shopper & Outside-Ins
= Your reps get more at bats that they can win.


Improving We improve how your sales team creates larger deals with:

  • Storytelling, POV, CXO Propositions
  • Design Thinking & Innovation Shops
  • Financial Business Cases & ROI
  • Competitive Intel, Swords & Shields
  • Day-in-Life Product Experiences
= More customers understand your value & buy from you.


Speeding We speed up up how your sales team grows profitable revenue by:

  • Optimizing how deals get done
  • Building the winning deal team
  • Scaling sales process that matter
  • Business transformation programs
  • Automating sales execution
= Your reps everywhere get what they need to close more deals.

What we've delivered.

Every sales team, customer and cycle is different. Here's just a few examples of how they won with us:
Acceleration Playbook
Designed to unify and streamline what works to guide sellers to more wins.

$4.9M in revenue closed within 2 quarters of launch with a single product for this client.

Sales Toolkits
Enhancing a great high-velocity sales machine with value selling capabilities.

$11M in revenue generated from value selling 2 different product lines for this client.

Global Value Program
Creation and roll out of a global value selling program across 60+ sellers

$21.9M in revenues delivered using the strategic sales program across multiple products and countries.

GTM Proposition
Helping a sales organization reposition and redefine how they tell their story

$3.1M in revenues closed in the 1st quarter of using the new proposition to change tide in existing accounts.


And the results.

How we serve people matters. Below are just a few ways we've served sales people, like you:

"Their approach transformed how we run enterprise deals.  We have made this our standard for all accounts across the world. This is our strategic weapon to win in the market."

EVP, Sales & Field Operations

Marketo, an Adobe Company

“Zenn helped us close key deals to exceed our quarterly and annual targets. I highly recommend the Zenn team.”

Vice President, Sales


"Zenn's playbook approach was a game-changer for us. It brought together everything our sellers needed at the right place and time to move opportunities along and close must-win deals."

Vice President, Sales

Esko, a Danaher Company

Your customers deserve your winning story.

Let's build it together.

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